Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition characterised by thick, dry, well defined skin lesions with abundant silvery scales. It has been treated with Chinese medicine for many centuries. Our stressful modern life with modern lifestyle habits has also seen an increase in this skin condition. Stressful life events can trigger the onset of psoriasis, or it causes an imbalance that at some point triggers the skin changes. Sometimes psoriasis can be triggered by a strep B infection of the throat, altering the immune system and changing the way the local cells in the skin layer behave. Here we initially see many red spots and round lesions that may cover the whole body 2-3 weeks after a step B throat infection (Guttate psoriasis), before the more chronic plaque psoriasis develops.

Patient story
“In 2008, I very suddenly developed psoriasis all over my body and began my long journey of seeking help to control the condition. Over the years I have been prescribed methotrexate, ciclosporin, bath treatments as well as phototherapy but nothing worked long term.
Five years ago, as a last resort, I contacted The London Acupuncture Clinic and with the fantastic help of the lovely Inga Heese, my condition was finally brought under control with a combination of both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I have clear skin now and only see Inga when I see a mild flare up. I cannot recommend Inga, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture enough – it has literally changed my life.”

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