For over 20 years, The London Acupuncture Clinic has seen clients from the ARGC daily. This has meant we are particularly familiar with their protocols, medications and the way they work.

The ARGC operates differently to many other IVF units and offers a bespoke 7 day a week clinic. They are specialists in immunological treatment alongside the IVF and typically decisions about treatment are made on an ongoing basis depending on blood test results. This can make the logistics of visits there more last minute. All of our practitioners are very experienced in this area and can help guide you through the experience.

At the clinic, we are uniquely set up to work alongside clinics like the ARGC. We are open 7 days a week to accommodate clients, are located only a couple of hundred meters away in the same road, and have set up our logistics to be able to fit clients in at short notice. We keep rooms free for embryo transfer clients meaning we can always fit our clients in on their transfer days even at very short notice. (We do need to have seen clients previously during that cycle) Even when the clinic is otherwise fully booked, we can get you in.

Hopefully all of this can provide the treatment aimed at enhancing success rates, but also be done without adding a further stress to a client’s experience. Many clients have also said how they appreciate our ability to explain their treatment and answer any questions that arise.

You can see a leaflet of the benefits of our tailored treatment here or you can pick up one of our leaflets in the ARGC waiting room.