Acupuncture for facial paralysis/Bell’s Palsy

Facial paralysis, commonly knows as Bell’s Palsy, refers to an impairment or abnormally of function in the region of the face innervated  by the extra cranial nerve. Oedema and nutritional impairment of the nerve, spasm as well as compression and inflammation of the surrounding tissues are often involved. The cause is often a viral or bacterial infection usually related to a compromised immune system and emotional stress.

The therapeutic effect acupuncture is particularly satisfactory for facial paralysis and is often superior to other therapies when treatment starts soon after its onset. Acupuncture can affect the circulatory and nervous system and improve flow of blood, fluid and information to the affected areas of the face. By draining excess fluid from meridians leading up to the face the swelling is reduced and by invigorating the flow of blood to the face the nutritional supply of the nerve is reestablished. In addition that that, balancing the immune system and reducing stress levels can contribute to a reduction of inflammation and a general feeling of improved health and well-being.

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