Acupuncture for Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained fertility issues accounts for between 30-50% of all couples having difficult conceiving and is something we see even more frequently in the clinic. It is generally described as any couple who have not conceived in over a year of trying without success.

Where western medicine might be at a loss to explain things, Chinese medicine often gives the ability to approach the situation from a different angle with a different mindset. This in turn can lead to identifying problems areas and targeting them. A current advantage of an acupuncture clinic at present is the ability to do a full and thorough consultation. Where conventional consultations can often by restricted to short appointments, an acupuncturist has the time thoroughly examine a patients history, menstrual cycle and current gynae/fertility health, to look at subtleties that may be important.

This thorough consultation allows a more whole body diagnosis and approach which can often identify factors that have been missed to this point.

Fertility medicine varies widely from clinic to clinic and consultant to consultant, which each offering their preferred view to the patient. It is quite possible for one clinic to diagnose unexplained infertility while another produces a defined diagnosis based on different testing. The team at the London Acupuncture clinic has long standing relationships with all of the leading fertility units and our integrated approach will often be able point patients in other directions for investigation and treatment. In practice, unexplained infertility can often be more accurately, undiagnosed infertility. Knowing where to go, who to see and what tests can be done can put patients firmly on the right path.

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