Acupuncture for constipation

Bowel habits differ considerably from one individual to another. Some people would consider themselves constipated if they opened their bowels once every other day, others would only consider themselves constipated if they didn’t open their bowels for a week. Constipation can also come in the form of stools with normal frequency but which are dry and hard, or even painful, to pass. Whatever the nature of your constipation, a sluggish bowel can cause not only local discomfort, but also a feeling of fullness and overall sluggishness.

In order to form an appropriate treatment for you, an acupuncturist will ask you about your bowel habits as well as try to get a more general understanding of your digestion and your diet. Acupuncture, together with herbal medicine, can encourage easier passage of stools as well as return a sense of regularity to your bowels. Acupuncture in conjunction with herbal medicine is useful in strengthening your overall digestive process from the metabolism of your food to the absorption of nutrients and the voiding of the bowel.

Constipation responds well to acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment.

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