Acupuncture Treatment for Dizziness

Dizziness may range from a very slight dizziness, sometimes on changing posture, to very severe vertigo with loss of balance when everything around seems to be spinning. The term ‘dizziness’ in Chinese medicine also includes the very common sensation of ‘muzziness’ or fuzziness’ and a heavy feeling as if the head was full of cotton wool with inability to think properly and concentrate. In western medicine a diagnosis of vertigo or meniere’s disease may be given which can be treated just as successfully.

The Chinese have observed that emotions such as anger, frustration, resentment, bottled-up hatred can all cause dizziness. This type of dizziness is know as ‘Liver Yang Rising’. It is the Liver organ which is affected and an imbalance will cause energy to suddenly rise to the head and cause dizziness. This type of dizziness can be quite severe, depending on just how much the Liver is affected.

Dizziness can also appear after many years of overworking and/ or excessive sexual activity. Gradually the body becomes depleted of energy and dizziness occurs.

Diet has an important part to play in this condition as well. If the digestive system (Spleen in Chinese medicine) is weakened for whatever reason and the patient has a diet rich in food which is difficult for the body to digest, then the digestive system becomes ‘clogged up’. This results in the production of ‘Damp’ or ‘Phlegm’ which can be seen on the tongue as a thick white/ yellow coating. This Phlegm lodges in the head and gives rise to a type of dizziness which is often very severe and can come on suddenly. There may also be blurred vision and a sensation of muzziness and heaviness of the head. Consumption of greasy foods and dairy products can be main sources for this dizziness.

These are the main causes of dizziness in Chinese Medicine. Each requires a different treatment approach and appropriate lifestyle/ dietary changes

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