Acupuncture treatment for Heavy Periods

Often a very heavy menstrual flow leaves a woman feeling drained and tired after the period. Anaemia can also follow. Both acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to reduce the menstrual flow and associated symptoms. Commonly occurring in the run up to menopause, this is often a main reason for hysterectomy. Successful treatment can prevent the need for surgery. Heavy bleeding can also be linked to other conditions such as fibroids or endometriosis and therefore appropriate testing and treatment may be required.

Traditional chinese diagnosis says that there can be a number of reasons for the period to be too heavy. It can be that the body’s ability to hold things up is impaired and that excessive menstrual flow is effectively falling out. It can be that the blood is too hot and is therefore more volatile causing excessive bleeding. Or it could be that the body is constantly trying to expel some form of blockage. In finding the cause for the excessive bleeding Chinese medicine can often provide a more long lasting solution to the problem.

Case History

As long as Anna, 49, could remember had very heavy and very painful periods. The menstrual blood was dark and clotted. The bleed would last for 7-10 days. Following the period she would feel drained both physically and mentally for at least a week. She would become anaemic and her head would feel muzzy and fogged up. As a health professional, Anna had an excellent diet and had tried “everything she could think of” before coming to acupuncture. Her period after her first acupuncture session was still heavy but she did not have the muzziness and did not feel drained at the end of it. By her second period the flow was reduced, the pain and clotting was gone and she said “felt like she could carry on with her normal life”.

Anna’s treatment went well. With a combination of acupuncture and herbs we quickly improved her symptoms. There is no way to stop the menopause from occurring, it is a completely natural state, but with good treatment we can make the journey into and through menopause a little easier.

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