Painful Periods

Pain during the menstrual cycle or dysmenohrea is an extremely common condition. So much so that many people believe this to be normal or correct. I have even had patients who have phoned me up worried because they have had a menstrual cycle without pain!

Pain can occur in the run up or during or after the period.

Chinese diagnosis plays close attention to the pain, what it feels like and where it is. For example, The distinction of whether pain occurs round the front or around the back can allow for differing treatment. The appearance of the menstrual blood and whether there is clotting can determine the state of the flow. If there is signs of blockage, it can be this that is causing the pain.

As with all conditions, Chinese medicine attempts to find the cause of this pain. In treating the cause, rather than just providing symptomatic painkillers, we can achieve a more permanent success. Many patients find that in treating painful periods, they also get a substantial improvement in premenstrual signs.

Painful periods can be caused by varying western conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids, or it may be that no apparent cause can be found.

Chinese medicine is extremely effective in reducing menstrual pain.

Case study 1

Sylvia, 37, had suffered from painful periods for several years. She had been diagnosed with endometriosis and had previously had laser treatment. This worked temporarily but the pain and heavy bleeding soon returned. When she first came to the clinic, she was scheduled to have further surgery in 4 months time. Within 2 cycles of treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine, her period was substantially less painful, by the 4th cycle she had no pain and on returning to her consultant it was decided the laser treatment was unnecessary. Her pain returned 2 years later and was resolved within a couple of further sessions. Since then she has had no problems.

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