Acupuncture Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

“Frozen shoulder” is often a term used to cover a whole variety of shoulder problems. The may be restriction of movement and pain in the shoulder. There may often be pain or shooting sensations that radiate either down the arm or into the neck. There could also be tingling in the hands. The symptoms are frequently worse at night. Frozen shoulders can occur very suddenly and often have no apparent cause or history of trauma.

Acupuncture can provide very effective treatment for most shoulder complaints. By assessing the nature of the pain, it’s location and the restriction of movement, an appropriate diagnosis can be made and treatment given. We can provide safe, effective and gentle treatment of the shoulder, often reducing pain and increasingly mobility in just a few sessions.

Between our clinics, we can offer a comprehensive service for shoulder pain. With acupuncture, chiropractic and physiotherapy in two locations we aim to provide the best all round care. If necessary, we can arrange X-rays or MRI’s and we have good working relationships with some of the best consultants in the country.

Shoulder problems are predominantly treated with acupuncture, although herbal medicine may be used in certain situations. This may be combined with the use of heat lamps, Chinese massage or electro-acupuncture to achieve the best results.

Case Study 1

Terry had been suffering from shoulder pain for 6 months. He had restriction of movement and found it very hard to put his arm above his head or behind his back. The pain would wake him at night time, was worse with use and was worsened by cold weather. His GP initially suggested physiotherapy but unfortunately after 12 sessions his condition had not improved. His doctor then suggested either a course of strong anti-inflammatories or to try acupuncture. He chose the latter. After 4 treatments, Terry could move his arm fully but the pain had not subsided. A further four treatments which the use of electro-acupuncture and a heat lamp saw his pain go. One year later, Terry returned with the same problem in the other shoulder which we also resolved. To my knowledge there has been no re-occurrence of the condition since.

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