Acupuncture Treatment for Well Being

While many people originally people come to acupuncture with specific complaints, many realise that treatment is as preventative as it is palliative. Patients notice that they get less colds, have more energy and have an improved sense of well being.

In western medicine, wellness is judged by the absence of symptoms. If you do not have specific symptoms, a headache or asthma for example, then you are considered to be well. And yet, you may not feel very good within yourself or ‘on top form’. Chinese medicine attempts to achieve a higher goal, understanding that feeling good is far more than the absence of direct symptoms. By achieving relaxation and balance within the body, we can all feel better than we currently do.

Acupuncture can be excellent in making the body feel balanced and giving you a feeling of well being. In today’s hectic and stress filled lifestyles, this is becoming is increasingly important treatment. And this is why so many patients continue to have acupuncture far after their original complaint is long gone.