Acupuncture Treatment for Preventative Care

Many people tend to know where the weakness of their bodies lie. Maybe a bad back, headaches and shoulder tension that always occur under stress or maybe the digestive system goes awry. Rather than wait until these things are at their worst, successful treatment can reduce the amount and intensity of episodes. It is logical to think that the longer you have had a condition, the longer it will take to treat. On the other side, preventing a problem and keeping it a bay before it worsens normally requires relatively infrequent treatment.

With increasingly with improved testing and scans etc, we also are able to see progression towards many conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Again rather than wait until they get bad and are more difficult to treat, why not deal with them now?

Case Study 1

John suffered with a reoccurring back problem. Every 3 or 4 months it would flare up, causing pain and making him miss work. He was initially treated for 4 or 5 sessions which resolved the acute problem. 6 months later he was back and process repeated to the same effect. After the 3rd episode, he was persuaded to come in more routinely when he didn’t have pain, once a month initially then every two months and so on. He now comes once every three months and has not had an acute episode for two years. In conclusion he comes 4 times a year and has no pain, rather than leaving it until it flares up and ending up coming for 5 sessions more than once a year.

Preventative treatment with acupuncture is both cost effective and successful.

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