I was given disappointing and unexpected fertility news and the medical teams left me feeling really hopeless. I met Daniel and he was the only person to give me some sort of hope. The first consultation was extremely thorough, more detailed than any traditional medical appointment. I am a Doctor yet Daniel still taught me so much about fertility purely because he is so experienced. He helped me with keeping track to make sure my fertility clinic was doing the correct things. The acupuncture was very evidence based and effective. First of all it regulated my menstrual cycle and secondly, supported my now pregnancy. Even my clinic was shocked at the results! Beyond this, I was going through a very difficult time with sickness in the family and Daniel became a constant support. I used to look forward to my weekly visits which were nothing but calming. I cannot recommend this clinic and Daniel enough.

If you are feeling down and hopeless about fertility then this is the place for you. A clinic full of experienced professionals that provide the highest quality of care. I cannot recommend enough!

Best place ever for miscarriage/fertility/ivf support. I can’t recommend Daniel highly enough. He diagnosed issues around my heartbreaking losses before the doctors. Daniel was not only a great acupuncture therapist but also a great sounding board about which doctors and clinics were best suited to my needs. I genuinely don’t think I’d be a mum without the support I received here. Please please go!

I had never had acupuncture and now I am a total convert. Inga changed my life — I went to see her approx 18 months ago for a series of acupuncture as I was struggling with frequent cold sore outbreaks on my face. I was getting such outbreaks x6 a year. I have had only one since seeing her (and it was mild). I used to have to take antivirals regularly and am now no longer dependent on daily prophylactic medication. I am enormously grateful to her. I highly highly recommend seeing Inga. She has a very gentle but no-nonsense nature… and her work is remarkably effective. Thank you, Inga.

I have been going to Lora at the London Acupuncture clinic for quite a while now. Her treatments have helped me greatly, and I find that she’s very good in adapting the treatment to the specific symptoms experienced in the week(s) before the session. She is also amazing at facial acupuncture, which I feel has shown visible results when it comes to my general skin condition as well as its anti-aging properties. She’s also just a lovely person, so I would highly recommend.

Highly recommend the lovely Lora – Her treatment was so effective and successful. She is brilliant – knowledgable, experienced, warm, and thoughtful. I found her treatment so relaxing and enjoyable and well worth it to get results. Best acupuncturist in town

Daniel and his team are fantastic. The environment is calming, the acupuncturists are extremely knowledgeable and really do know what they are doing – both my husband and I gained a lot from our treatments. Choosing your clinic is hard, there are a lot of options but I can honestly say that you’ll be stretched to find better (anywhere in the world). On a personal level I will always be extremely grateful to Daniel and his team who could not have done more to support me through my pregnancy, they made sure I had the treatment I needed as early as possible and reassured me at every step of the way. Thank you! xx

I saw Eva Stecz for complex fertility issues and cannot recommend her more highly. As well as her acupuncture expertise, she has a wealth of knowledge about the fertility/IVF industry in general which proved to be an invaluable resource. On a personal level her calm and reassuring manner was a huge support during a very challenging time. Thank you so much Eva!

I came to Eva with bad Interstitial Cystitis, which I had been suffering with for three years. She took a thorough history of my issues and suggested Electroacupuncture. After just four sessions I am in disbelief as to how much better I feel. No longer do I have to worry about my bladder pain, and this is all thanks to Eva. Her calm manner puts you at ease immediately and she always checks in with how you are – your symptoms and you as a whole. Honestly I’m so glad I found her and I can’t thank her enough.

I have seen Martha Poulou at the clinic for acupuncture for over a year and have really enjoyed all of our sessions. She is extremely knowledgable, kind and calming and explains what she is doing as well as having a naturally tranquil yet confident manner. I would see Martha for anything from fertility to stress to physical pain and always leave the clinic feeling better about life with a smile on my face! Highly recommend!

“I was a little apprehensive at acupuncture at first but I needn’t have worried I was put at ease and the treatment process was clearly explained. I noticed an improvement in my well being from the very first session. With the herbs, which took a little getting used to, and the acupuncture it has had a great impact on my energy levels and I am very pleased with the improvement in my overall health.”

“After suffering from constant back pain for some months and receiving physiotherapy, chiropractic and painkillers to no avail I decided to give acupuncture a go…. Now I have very few ‘bad back days’ and enjoy a normal a much more pain free life!”

“When a friend recommended acupuncture I was a complete sceptic. I did not understand the far-reaching benefits it could bring to my health and ultimately my whole life. I suffered from chicken pox as an adult and the after effects for nearly 3 years. My recovery was very slow and I had constant setbacks with my health. After only several months of treatments I have my life back and now am ready to take the next positive steps forward. Acupuncture has bought has helped my recovery and given me true hope for the future.”

“I am so lucky and grateful to have found the London Acupuncture Clinic, after a few sessions with your help and support my egg quality drastically improved, I ovulate and have a regular periods which I virtually never did before, not to mention how relaxed and calm I now am.”

After trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for 2 years and going through modern western treatment and medication, I was getting desperate and started exploring traditional treatment. I found Inga Heese from an article on a TCM forum.  She is very empathetic and assuring and I felt at ease with her straight away. I was hoping that I would see results in less than 6 months but to my pleasant surprise, I fell pregnant after seeing her for 6 weeks! I am 100% certain that it was all down to her diagnosis and treatment which made my wish come true. I continue to see Inga throughout my pregnancy, to help promote a healthy pregnancy as well as to alleviate my terrible morning sickness signs and symptoms. No words can describe my gratitude towards her for bringing so much happiness to my family.

“I was amazed to get such dramatic results from acupuncture over a short space of time. My severe pre-menstrual symptoms of bloating, breast tenderness and discomfort have all but disappeared and period pain has practically been extinguished. The best part for me is that my periods have changed from being 12 days in length and very heavy to 6 days with a normal/light flow. I am so happy with acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone – it really does work.”

“I had heard that Chinese medicine was very effective for infertility problems, so when Daniel was recommended to me, i was very eager to see him. though i’ve had unsuccessful pregnancies in the past, with Daniel’s help i had a beautiful baby boy within a little over a year.”

“After trying to get pregnant for over a year and dealing with a miscarriage at 13 weeks, I was not only tired of waiting but desperate for reassurance that the next pregnancy would end up with a baby instead of tears. I had never been exposed or even interested in Chinese medicine or acupuncture before, but Daniel immediately made me feel at ease, secure and confident that a little tweaking should sort out fertility issues. I first saw Daniel at the start of the last week of my cycle and by the end of the next cycle I was pregnant. Coincidence? Only in the sense that I was meant to meet him. I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be pregnant now without his intervention. Not only did he tweak and prepare my body for pregnancy but also he supports the pregnancy to help promote a healthy baby and mum. He helped alleviate many of the more negative side effects of pregnancy, such as nausea and swelling but most of all, he has eased the anxiety of myself and my partner about the pregnancy and has helped make us a very happy couple. I cannot thank him enough.”

“I was trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years, but was suffering form irregular cycles, and although all my blood tests were fine, no Dr. could point out what was the problem, and kept giving me pills and hormones….I did not like this approach and decided to try a different approach, and came across acupuncture. I started getting treatments in my home country, and when I moved to the UK, I went to see Daniel. He kept in touch with my physician at my home country by email, and discussed my condition with her. After 5 months of treatments and constant encouragement and support by Email, Phone, texts (even at weekends!), I got my cycle back to a regular 30 days cycle, and most importantly, I am now 4 months pregnant. I recommend this to anyone.”

“A friend recommended acupuncture to help with fertility treatment and I found Daniel’s website and phoned him. He put me at ease straight away and explained the process and background to acupuncture and how it worked and what he would concentrate on etc. I found acupuncture to be very relaxing and a great way to concentrate on myself for half an hour or so! Combined with the fertility treatment (which was our third attempt) I am now pregnant with twins and very happy! I would recommend the London Acupuncture Clinic without hesitation.”

I came to Giuisi to discuss my problem with absent periods. In the beginning, Giusi asked me several questions about my health, my life and myself. I was impressed how holistically she looked at the situation and focused on the actual reason, why my body reacts in a way it does. After the initial dialogue, she started with the acupuncture treatment.

Thanks to her gentle approach and very kind personality, I felt very comfortable since the first moment. Giuisi also puts a lot emphasis on explaining what she is doing, why she is doing that etc, which I really enjoyed. Apart from the acupuncture itself, she also gave me a lot of advice regarding my nutrition as I am vegetarian and sometimes miss proteins in my meals.

And after a few treatments, my period came back again. I am very thankful I had an opportunity to meet Guisi and get the acupuncture treatment from such a professional as she is.

I booked with Giusi while I wanted to conceive a baby. I got pregnant straight away thanks to acupuncture for my first child after more than 2 years of trying. For my second child, I tried for few months which were not successful and went to see Giusi. I did few acupuncture sessions during a full ovarian cycle and got pregnant straight away again which was wonderful !
Giusi is a very good therapist and has listened to me a lot.
I felt at ease with her.
I did also some sessions to remove the nausea and it was also successful from the first session.
I would like to thank again Giusi for her skills! I will definitely go again to see her.

I started acupuncture with Jason after a failed round of IVF. I was then 40 and was being treated for immune problems by my IVF clinic, but I also had a low ovarian reserve and irregular periods and was feeling pretty downbeat about my chances of getting pregnant. For the next 3 months I had an acupuncture treatment every week, during which Jason concentrated on improving my fertility, but at the same time was able to treat my long-standing neck and shoulder stiffness. Encouraged by Jason, I also worked hard on my nutrition and relaxation techniques during this time. By the time my next round of IVF started, my periods had become almost entirely regular and also less painful, with many fewer clots. I felt positive and relaxed, experienced much less discomfort from the IVF medication, and produced almost twice as many eggs as before, leading to a healthy pregnancy.

I can’t recommend Anna from Chiswick branch highly enough. I was her client for about two years and I always felt safe and comfortable with her. She was always very professional and at the same time kind, full of empathy and understanding. She always looked at me holistically and at the same time she proved to have an extremely good knowledge about medicine especially in gynaecology area. She always made detailed notes and remembered everything about my case despite of having many more clients. She was looking after me so well when I was going through IVF – she prepared my womb so beautifully that now I can finally enjoy my lovely bump! She is still extremely helpful and friendly now when she responds to all my messages about pregnancy. Especially In my first phases of pregnancy it was Anna who reassured me and gave all hope and strength in this difficult time. In fact, I have no words to say how grateful I am for all her help and support. VERY BIG thank you Ana!!!

We have always been very reliant on word of mouth and personal referrals. We would like to thank everyone who has written positive comments on forums and reviews sites. It really makes a big difference. If you have had a good experience with us, it would be great if you could write a few words on our google page from a desktop or on here from a mobile (and you do not need to comment on what you were treated for).